Barbecue grill “Chest”


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Convenient, easy-to-assemble barbecue grill with lid. The lid of the barbecue grill helps to regulate the temperature and grills the steaks faster and more evenly.


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Additional informaction

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 500 mm × 300 mm × 190 mm
Other dimensions Grilling height 860 mm
Material Steel
Metal thickness 3 mm
Paint The metal is coated with heat-resistant paint
Accessories The set includes a grater and a shovel, no switches and grills.
NOTE Change of colour is possible during barbecue operation. The product is made of dark metal (which is not corrosion resistant), which may cause the product to rust (read more in the description).

SIDE AND BOTTOM REQUIREMENTS (deformation protection).
Care: The grill will no longer change its original appearance if you protect it from rain and snow.

IMPORTANT care element – always clean the ash after grilling.


After a few uses, the color and appearance of the barbecue grill may change. Although the grill is painted with heat-resistant paint, it changes its appearance because even heat-resistant paint is exposed to open fire. Due to the natural wear process of the product, the product will burn and rust in the long run. These processes have nothing to do with product quality, these circumstances do not change the quality of the product.

* The product is made of dark metal (which is not corrosion resistant), which may cause the product to rust.
* Colors depend on the monitor settings, so the original color of the product may differ from the color shown in the photo.
The description of the product is of a general nature and does not necessarily mention all the characteristics of the product.



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