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Blacksmithing is a great gift for various occasions. Delight yourself or someone dear to you with an exclusive gift. To purchase a gift voucher offered by “”, click on the price button to select the desired amount.

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Additional informaction

The denominations of gift vouchers are 20 EUR, 30 EUR, 50 EUR, 100 EUR and 200 EUR.

Rules for purchasing and using a gift voucher:

1. The gift coupon is a paper version of UAB “Gamkalvė” gift coupon, which is delivered through LP Express postal machines.
2. The denominations of gift vouchers are EUR 20, EUR 30, EUR 50, EUR 100 and EUR 200.
3. The gift coupon is delivered to the buyer separately from the goods, that is, it is sent to the specified postal address. When purchasing a gift certificate, please enter the exact delivery address in the recipient field. If the delivery address is incorrect, UAB “Gamkalvė” is not responsible for a package (Gift Coupon) delivered to a lost or incorrect address.

4. Payment methods:

4.1. You can pay for the gift voucher only through the Paysera online banking system.
4.2. Additional discounts do not apply when purchasing a gift certificate.
4.3. An invoice is not issued when purchasing a gift voucher. At the request of buyers, an acceptance-handover deed can be drawn up.

5. Procedure for using gift coupons:

5.1. The gift coupon is valid for UAB “Gamkalvė”, company code 30441789, registered office address Palangos st. 40-76193 Šiauliai, (hereinafter – and in the online store
5.2. Keep the gift voucher in a safe place, keep the gift voucher number on it. The gift voucher is not valid if it is damaged, i.e. i.e. the expiration date, coupon number, and denomination of the coupon value are not visible.
5.3. If a gift certificate is lost, it is not refundable.
5.4. Gift voucher is for one time purchase. Unused amount is not refundable.
5.5. The gift voucher is non-refundable (not accepted back) and cannot be exchanged (neither for another gift voucher nor for money).
5.6. If the price of purchased goods exceeds the nominal value of the gift voucher, the buyer must pay the difference additionally.
5.7. The gift voucher is valid until the term specified in it, which is 3 (three) months from the date of purchase of the gift voucher. The validity period of the gift voucher cannot be extended. After the expiration date of the gift certificate, it is blocked, and the holder of the gift certificate no longer has the right to pay for goods with such a gift certificate. Money for a gift voucher not used within the specified validity period is not refunded.

6. UAB “Gamkalvė” is not responsible for the unauthorized disposal of gift vouchers, their loss, theft or damage.

7. Acceptance of the terms of use of gift vouchers based on the purchase of the gift voucher and its use.

8. UAB “Gamkalvė” reserves the right to change the rules for the purchase and use of these gift vouchers and the obligation to inform about this in advance on the website

9. If you have additional questions or comments regarding gift vouchers, please contact us by phone +370 610 84013 or by e-mail. by mail